Georgia: Reviton For Burndown Weed Control

Last week, I received quite a few questions about a relatively new herbicide sold under the trade name of Reviton. Marketed by Helm AG, Reviton is being promoted for use in the pre-plant burndown market.

At this point in time, neither Culpepper nor I have enough data/experience to make a science based “official” UGA recommendation.  Basically, Reviton is being tested in tank-mixes with Roundup (glyphosate).  I have no problems if a grower wants to try some out on a few acres (but not on 100% of their acres). 

Here are a few facts about Reviton that you might find helpful:

  • Trade Name: Reviton 2.83SC
  • Common Name: tiafenacil
  • Herbicide Family: N-Phenyl-imides (same as Valor or Sharpen)
  • WSSA MOA: Group 14 (PPO inhibitor)
  • Labeled Use Rates: 1-3 oz/A
  • Crop Rotation Restrictions: Corn/wheat = 0 days; soybean/cotton = 14 days; peanut = 120-180 days depending upon rate (we are working on this one).
  • Current Label:  here
  • 2021 Data (Prostko):

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