Alabama: Dicamba – Which Glyphosate Products Can Be Used New Formulations?

Planting and applying pre-emerge herbicide. ©Debra L Ferguson

Planting and applying pre-emerge herbicide. ©Debra L Ferguson

Alabama Extension weed scientist Dr. Steve Li gives an update on which glyphosate products that can be used along with the new dicamba formulations. Only potassium salt formulations are labeled for Engenia, Xtendimax and Tavium. IPA and DMA salts are illegal, which means most of the 4 lb/gal materials and generic glyphosate cannot be used with dicamba in tank mix (always check label and tank mix websites to verify).

Here is a list of glyphosate products for Xtendimax and Engenia, they are all 5 lb/gal or 48.7% K-salt glyphosate. Roundup Powermax 3 is the newest formulation with 51.2% glyphosate. This is highest concentration of glyphosate in any formulation. 32 oz/A is the highest label rate for these 5 lb glyphosate products.

Abundit Edge, Bullzeye HL-K, Envy K-Six, Gly Star K-plus, Honcho K6, Mad Dog K6, Roundup Powermax, Roundup Powermax 2, Roundup Powermax 3, Roundup Weathermax.

For Tavium, Gly Star K-plus, Mad Dog K6, Roundup Powermax, Roundup Powermax 2 are standalone glyphosate options. Some of the herbicides labeled for tank mixing with Tavium contain S-metolachlor (such as Sequence and Matador). Make sure you check labels, do calculations before mixing and do not ended up putting out too much S-metolachlor to burn your crop if tank mixed with Tavium.

All glyphosate tank mix with new dicamba formulations will require both drift reducing agent and volatility reducing agent this summer and in future. Many clethodim formulations are labeled to be tank mixed with new dicamba. Adding 8-12 oz/A of Clethodim will significantly improve grass control if antagonism is a concern when spraying on bigger grasses or spraying in dry hot conditions.

My data showed grass control can increase up to 20% by the addition of clethodim with glyphosate and dicamba tank mix under stressful conditions. If you spray clethodim alone, crop oil is better surfactant than NIS.

Another notice, Corteva has stopped producing FeXapan. You may have seen the news already. There will be only three approved new dicamba on the market for now (Xtendimax, Engenia and Tavium).