Missouri Soybeans: Weed Management and New Herbicides – Video

Senior Research Associate Brian Dintelmann focuses on soybean herbicide programs in his follow-up to the corn herbicide programs video. In this video Brian discusses:

  1. pre-emergence options for soybean, including research results on multiple modes (or sites) of action.
  2. chemical programs for different soybean systems, including the Xtend, Enlist E3, LibertyLink GT27, and XtendFlex systems.  (XtendFlex is awaiting commercial release.)
  3. new soybean programs, including new premix options.

As Brian points out, results from these research trials will be posted here at the end of the season. If you have questions on the video please e-mail Brian at dintelmannb@missouri.edu and Dr. Bradley (bradleyke@missouri.edu).

Source URL: https://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2020/8/fieldDayVideo8-MB/