North Carolina: How Those Weed Seeds Journey Between Regions – Video

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In this short but fascinating video, North Carolina Extension Weed Specialist Wesley Everman recounts a couple of instances where he pinpointed how two pernicious weeds – Palmer pigweed and herbicide-resistant waterhemp – made it to specific parts of the state.

Depending on the species, weeds spread with the help of wind, water, or by other means. Additionally, people spread weeds with equipment, which is a very common way to spread weeds from field to field, across a state, from state to state, and even between countries.

In this video, you will see how Palmer amaranth, a species native to the Sonoran Desert, traveled across the U.S. and reached North Carolina. In another case, he can point to how herbicide-resistant waterhemp gained a foothold in another area.

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