Dicamba: Effects of pH, Tankmixing And Additives – Deep Diving Into A Deep Subject

©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

How do tankmixes and pH affect dicamba volatility? That’s a deep and wide subject that University of Tennessee weed scientists addressed in late April in a multi-part blog series.

The articles were produced by Larry Steckel and Tom Mueller and are largely based on UT research.

Here are links to the reports:

Dicamba: How Does Tank-Mixing Glyphosate Affect pH?

Low-Volatile Dicamba Formulations – Does an AMS or Glyphosate Mix Lower Spray Tank pH the Most?

Dicamba: Effect of pH Modifiers on pH of Roundup PM Mixtures

Dicamba: Does Adding Glyphosate to Low-Volatile Formulations Increase Volatility?