Georgia Peanuts: Controlling Tropical Spiderwort/Benghal Dayflower

Been getting quite a few phone calls about TSW/BD in peanuts.  This particular plant loves wet weather so I am not surprised.  Here are few thoughts to consider especially since many of you were not employed by UGA back when TSW/BD was Public Enemy #1.

1. The backbone of all TSW/BD programs has been Dual Magnum.  Over the years, Dual Magnum has provided some of the most consistent residual control of this weed.  When Culpepper, Flanders, and I were frantically searching for control strategies back in the early 2000’s, Warrant and Zidua were not yet players in this game.  Warrant and Zidua have good activity on TSW/BD but I have more data/experience with Dual Magnum.

2. Paraquat + Dual Magnum + Basagran or Storm is an excellent EPOST treatment for the control of TSW/BD, assuming the peanut field is still within the labeled paraquat application window of ~33-38 DAP.

Figure 1.  Tropical spiderwort/Benghal dayflower control with paraquat + Basagran + Dual Magnum.  Click Image to Enlarge

3. If growers miss the paraquat application window, the best POST treatment for TSW/BD is Strongarm.  Growers who apply Strongarm POST in peanut need to pay close attention to the labeled crop rotation restrictions.

Figure 2.  Tropical spiderwort/Benghal dayflower control with POST applied Strongarm.  Click Image to Enlarge

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