Georgia Wheat: Herbicide Options Depend on Growth Stage

It has been challenging time for wheat producers trying to control weeds. January was a cold month and February has been wet.  The crop has progressed at a fast rate and growers need to monitor the stage of development of the crop before the application of herbicides.  

Area wheat fields, at this point in time, range from GS 4 to 6 in development.  If you would like information on wheat growth stages check this PDF.

Below is a table showing wheat crop response to various herbicides applied at various growth stages.  Please notice as the crop reaches the jointing stage of development,  crop response from 2,4-d and MCPA increase.

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Another question is the activity of various herbicides on wild radish.  This time of year most radish is blooming, making control a challenge.  Below is a table showing wild radish control at various stages of radish development with numerous herbicides.

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The 2018 UGA Wheat Production Guide is the source of the two tables above. The UGA wheat production guide is available online.

If you have any questions please contact your local county Extension agent.

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