Pennsylvania: New Xtend, Enlist Labels – Quick Overviews

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean

Engenia 5L (dicamba-BAPMA salt; BASF), Xtendimax 2.9L (dicamba-DGA with Vapor Grip Technology; Monsanto) and FeXapan 2.9L (dicamba-DGA plus Vapor Grip Technology; DowDuPont) are currently the only three herbicides that are allowed to be used in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend (dicamba-tolerant) soybeans.

Each of them contain the group 4 herbicide dicamba and are now classified as “Restricted Use Pesticide” (RUP) and thus require special dicamba-specific training to purchase and apply them. Additionally, all of these can technically be used in other crops such as corn or grass hay/pastures to control broadleaf weeds.

Regarding the special dicamba training in Pennsylvania as required by the label, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is requiring the registrants or companies (ie Monsanto, BASF, DowDupont) do the special training.

Soon there should be a master list of when and where these meetings will occur. But until then, contact your local dealer, company representative, PDA, or local Extension educator about upcoming training sessions in your area.

Tavium 3.39CS (dicamba + s-metolachlor [Dual Magnum]; groups 4 and 15; Syngenta) is an experimental premix and will provide post broadleaf control from dicamba and residual annual grass and broadleaf control from Dual in Xtend soybeans.

Its prime target will be Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. It will probably not be available for the 2018 growing season.

Xtend soybean acres: During the 2017 growing season, there were approximately 89 million acres of total soybeans planted in the US. About 20 million or so acres were Xtend. In some areas of the country up to 60% of the soybean areas were planted to an Xtend variety.

The exact amount of acres that actually applied either a pre or post application of dicamba is not known, however in most areas it was a rather large percentage. In Pennsylvania, there were about 580,000 acres of soybeans planted in the state. Of those about 25 to 30% were Xtend.

Expectations for the 2018 growing season are that the acres of Xtend soybeans will be around 50 million acres or more in the U.S. And it is predicted that some regions will have a 75 to 80% adoption rate.

Enlist crops

Enlist Duo 3.38L and Enlist One 3.8L are two 2,4-D choline salt containing herbicides from DowDuPont for use in Enlist crops. Enlist One has the single active ingredient of 2,4-D choline and Enlist Duo also contains glyphosate. No other types of 2,4-D formulations are expected to be labeled for use over-the-top on Enlist crops.

Enlist corn varieties are now registered for use in our area. Expect more utility of these products once Enlist soybean varieties are registered in our region. At the time of preparing this article, Enlist soybeans are still awaiting approval; but is expected soon.

One of the main holdups is that exports to China and EU are still not resolved yet. It is likely we won’t have it in time for the 2018 growing season. But since this is an ever-changing process, registration could happen at any time.

See more label updates in “Whats New in Weed Control 2018: Label Updates” from earlier this year.

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