Herbicide Resistance – Test Your Knowledge With This 20-Question Quiz


How well do you understand the causes and effects of herbicide resistance management? This brief, 20-question quiz was written by university weed scientists and serves a couple of purposes.

First, it allows you to gauge your knowledge about integrated weed management methods and the underlying causes of herbicide resistance. 

Second, the quiz gives its authors a way to measure trends in what people in the field know and approaches they might take in the future.

The quiz is anonymous and correct answers will be revealed following the quiz. It is one part of the Integrated Weed Management Project funded by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service to address the challenge of herbicide-resistance weeds.

Herbicide resistance issues are not going to disappear, and the costs associated with developing new types of herbicides are prohibitive in many instances. So, what does weed control look like when we think beyond herbicides and outside of the ‘chemical box?’

The quiz can be found here.

Source URL: https://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2018/1/weed_management_quiz/