Alabama Wheat: Ryegrass Control Options

​Ryegrass continues to be a problem in wheat each year due to resistance to more herbicides, timing of applications, and weather conditions. Last year, we looked at several herbicides applied delayed-PRE that were promising for ryegrass control but this year we looked at some additional timings to see if they would control the ryegrass as well as or better than the previous year and timings.

We looked at the following herbicides: Anthem Flex, Valor, and Zidua in combinations with metribuzin. After 154 days after treatment, the Zidua plus metribuzin continued to provide over 92% control of ryegrass whereas the Zidua alone provided 70% and Valor at 3 oz alone gave less than 40%.

Anthem Flex plus metribuzin provided over 95% control of ryegrass at 84 days after treatment in another location which was better than any other treatment.

Metribuzin is currently not labeled for wheat in Alabama but I am currently working with companies to get a label for it prior to the 2018 spring season. If we are able to do so, it will give us some extremely good opportunities for ryegrass control.

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