Australia’s Seed Destructor – Midwest Demo Set For Oct. 12

In a previous issue, we reported on work being done in the U.S. with the Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD), an Australian implement that pulverizes weed seed at harvest, keeping them out of the soil’s seed bank.

The HSD, a cage mill towed behind the combine, takes in the crop’s chaff and grinds it pretty much into dust. That chaff contains most of the weed seeds collected by the combine, so the percentage of viable seed left in the field drops dramatically.

At present, the machine is being evaluated by Land Grant universities in at lease 3 states – Arkansas, Illinois and Texas – plus, USDA has shown interest in the concept.

To show the HSD in action, the University of Illinois will feature it during a field tour on October 12. The event starts at 1 p.m. at the university’s Crop Sciences South First Street facility, 4202 South First Street in Savoy, Illinois. The tour includes 2 stops at nearby fields.

Dr. Adam Davis (USDA-ARS, U of I Crop Sciences) and his research team will demonstrate the use of the HSD in soybeans and also discuss the HSD’s impact on weed growth in the second year of a field study.