Tennessee: Poor Pigweed Control from Dicamba? 2nd Application Should Help


I blogged several weeks back on the poor Palmer amaranth control with Engenia in a field in Fayette County.  We followed up by applying another application of Engenia on the still green Palmer 14 days after the first application.   I am glad to report that all the Palmer amaranth were controlled 14 days after the second Engenia application.

As a reminder, we first visited the Fayette County field 14 days after a tankmix of 12.8 ozs of Engenia + 32 ozs Roundup PowerMax + 2 ozs of Zidua had been applied POST to the soybeans.  The Palmer amaranth at the time of application ranged mostly from 2” to 4” tall with a few closer to 6”.

Since those first reports many more folks have called fretting about the Palmer amaranth control after an Engenia and more recently, Xtendimax application. We have applied second applications of Engenia or Xtendimax on some Palmer amaranth persisting in some of those fields as well. I hope and expect good control from these follow-up applications as well.

Source URL: http://news.utcrops.com/2017/06/final-verdict-first-field-reported-poor-palmer-amaranth-control-dicamba/