Georgia Peanuts: Zidua Herbicide Receives Peanut Label

On Friday afternoon, May 19, I received word from BASF that Zidua (pyroxasulfone) was labeled for use in peanut.  I have been conducting peanut research with pyroxasulfone for more than 10 years (over 47 field trials).

Herbicide Resistance Info

In a nutshell (no pun intended), Zidua will compete with Dual Magnum or Warrant in our POST peanut herbicide programs for the residual control of Palmer amaranth and a few other weeds (Figure 1). Some advantages for Zidua include its lower use rate (1.5 oz/A-2.1 oz/A) and improved control of other broadleaf weeds such as Florida beggarweed.

Generally, I have observed no real differences in performance/yield between Zidua, Dual Magnum, and Warrant when used in a complete peanut weed control program (Table 1).

A copy of the supplmental peanut label can be obtained at this web-address.

Figure 1. Zidua vs. Dual Magnum Programs in Peanut – 2016.  Click Image to Enlarge
Table 1. Dual Magnum/Warrant/Zidua Peanut Weed Control Programs – 2014. Click Image to Enlarge

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