Australian Farm Smashes Spray Record – 10 Square Miles In 24 Hours

An Amfac Condor Endurance Sprayer similar to the one that broke the records.

An Amfac Condor Endurance Sprayer similar to the one that broke the records.

An Australian farming operation has broken the record for the most acres covered by a self-propelled sprayer in both a 24-hour period and in a single hour, according to a report on the British website Farmers Weekly.

In all, the machine:

  • Covered a total of 6,518-plus acres in 24 hours. That’s more than 10 square miles.
  • Sprayed nearly 372 acres in its best hour during the period.
  • Averaged 271 acres per hour in the record-breaking run.

The farming operation is located in the state of Western Australia and is owned by the Mason family – Karolyn, Tony and Brendan.

The records were broken early this month with a fully equipped 48m Agrifac Condor Endurance sprayer. The acreage was in 2 blocks with a total of 15 fields between the tracts. The fields included an assortment of the usual rural obstacles, including trees and power lines.

As the article noted: “The record is even more special when you take into account that the fields were not all smooth going and of a regular shape, says Mark Slater, who drove the sprayer and runs the Agrifac business in Australia.”

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