Poor Mixing With Glyphosate And Phenoxy? Another Option – Videos.


Tank mixing a phenoxy herbicide with glyphosate provides broader-spectrum control, especially in burndown treatments, but not all glyphosate formulations mix well with phenoxy materials.

That includes Roundup PowerMAX when included in the tank with 2,4D.

Credit Xtreme – a patented glyphostate product from NuFarm – simplifies the mixing phase.

See Report On Credit Xtreme From Farm Week’s Max Armstrong…

Mixing Comparison – Credit Extreme Vs. PowerMAX

The formulation of Credit Xtreme includes NuFarm’s Dual-Salt Technology, which combines both potassium and IPA sales for extreme compatibility with phenoxy tankmix partners, even in hard-water environments. Better mixing means a better edge when putting two modes of action in place to control resistant weeds.

Credit Xtreme is a “fully loaded” formulation, packing 4.5 lbs of glyphosate per gallon. With that much active ingredient, growers can apply less product and achieve the same results. That also adds convenience when it comes to storing and handling the product.


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