Tennessee Corn: POST Ryegrass Control Options

Ryegrass in emerged corn. Photo: University of Tennessee

Ryegrass in emerged corn. Photo: University of Tennessee

We will clearly have some ryegrass not controlled by the time corn emerges in a few fields. So what are the options if ryegrass is present in emerged corn?

The one that has the best chance of success is Steadfast Q. If you go with Steadfast Q use the 1.5 oz/A rate and tankmix it with glyphosate for the best chance of getting good ryegrass control. 

Please bear in mind that we have areas where the ryegrass is ALS resistant and in these areas I would expect sketchy control with Steadfast Q. 

The best way to know if you have ALS resistant ryegrass is to think back if Osprey or PowerFlex missed ryegrass in your wheat fields.  If they have, then Steadfast likely will as well.

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The other option is Liberty in LL corn.  Unfortunately, the forecast looks too cold for Liberty to provide good control in the near future. If we could get some day time temperatures in the mid 80s or better, we could expect much better ryegrass control with Liberty. 

If we get those temperatures and apply Liberty during the middle of the day tankmixed with a 1 lb of atrazine, I would expect acceptable ryegrass control.

All the issues we are having with ryegrass this spring is what the folks in Mississippi have been struggling with for several years now. We will need to start managing it like they do with much earlier burndown, perhaps as early as in the fall.