Panther SC – Liquid Formulation Of Flumioxazin That Mixes Well (See Video)

If you like the efficacy of flumioxazin herbicides but don’t look forward to handling the dry formulations, this is your day. Nufarm recently launched a new liquid formulation of Panther SC. It’s the first liquid formulation of flumioxazin available in the United States.  Panther SC is a broad-spectrum broadleaf herbicide option for corn, soybean, cotton and peanut growers. It provides excellent residual control of tough broadleaf weeds such as:

  • Marestail
  • Palmer amaranth
  • Kochia
  • Waterhemp

It acts quickly on tough weeds and the new liquid formulation makes mixing and loading faster and easier. Panther SC gives crop producers a lot of flexibility in terms of application timing,” says Jerome Kovar, marketing manager for agricultural row crops with Nufarm. “It can be used in a fall burndown application, or it can be applied early preplant for burndown before planting, or applied preplant or pre-emerge for residual control in Roundup Ready® or LibertyLink® systems. And because Panther SC has flexible rotation options, using it lets growers pick the crop rotation that maximizes profits.”

Other key benefits of Panther SC:

  • The liquid formulation of Panther SC is used at the same rate as the WDG dry formulation. Two ounces of Panther SC equals the same amount of active ingredient as two ounces of dry (WDG) formulation, meaning increased convenience because there are no rate conversions. 
  • It controls a broad spectrum of annual broadleaf and grass weeds, including most broadleaf weeds that are resistant to glyphosate. 
  • It provides long-lasting residual weed control to keep fields clean. 
  • It enhances the speed of control on a broader weed spectrum in labeled burndown programs. 
  • Panther SC can be applied pre-emergence on soybeans and peanuts. Application timing in corn is seven to 30 days prior to planting, depending on the application rate and rainfall. Panther SC can also be applied to cotton in post-directed applications using a hooded or shielded spray unit.

To learn more about Panther SC visit Nufarm’s AgProfessional University learning center. To see how well Panther SC mixes – both in the lab and in the field – open the following video… panther-sc-demo-09282015-video-capture[1] CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO


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