Cutleaf Eveningprimrose – Approaches For A Weed That Roundup Misses

As if growers throughout the Corn and Cotton Belts didn’t have enough weed headaches, add cutleaf eveningprimrose (CLEP) to the list of resistant weeds gaining more visibility. Many people think of this as a “southern” weed, but USDA data shows that the plant is native to virtually all of this nation’s corn, cotton and soybean production areas. What makes CLEP so tough?

  • It’s very competitive – both tenacious and fast-growing. 
  • It can be especially troublesome in conservation tillage fields. 
  • The weed is tolerant to glyphosate, requiring growers to select their management options carefully.
Cutleaf Evening Primrose Click Image To Enlarge

We asked Dr. Stanley Culpepper with the University of Georgia about his experience with this troublesome weed. “It is very common in Georgia, infesting nearly every field. It’s tolerant to glyphosate and most burndown materials except 2,4-D or dicamba. Although 2,4-D and dicamba are effective options,  some growers don’t want to use these herbicides because they are concerned about off target drift or tank contamination. If they put 2,4-D over the weeds at burndown, they worry if they can get the tank clean enough before they spray over the top of their cotton. The programs are simple and economical if you’re willing to apply 2,4-D. If you’re not then CLEP is much more troublesome. “CLEP is problematic in nearly every conservation tillage field in my part of the world. It has to be controlled prior to planting. If you’re not willing to use 2,4-D or dicamba, then you will have to be much more aggressive often requiring sequential herbicide applications.” For more information on CLEP and how to identify and control it, follow these links:

For additional tips on how to clean a herbicide tank effectively follow these links:Nufarm also has a new guide on tank cleaning tips. To download it, click here.  

Nufarm also has a new guide on tank cleaning tips. To download it, click here.   To see trial data on how Nufarm products perform against this troublesome weed, click here. 

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